Good fences make good neighbors….

…and good boundaries make a happier, healthier self.

There are all kinds of boundaries we need to set. Personal boundaries. Boundaries about food and beverages. Boundaries between work and home. That one is a huge struggle lately. It used to be easier because home and work were two separate spaces. Now I work from home, most of the time on my laptop at my dining room table. I get email notifications on my phone. I also work for a non-profit organization that doesn’t have nearly enough staff to handle all of its programs. So, if I’m not careful my 23 hour work week turns into 40 hours and 5 work days turns into 7.

I should add that my husband I have a beautiful little girl and we’re settling into a new home. And I’m in graduate school. If I don’t set boundaries, my mental and physical health suffer.

Here’s my plan for the week. Tomorrow, I’m going to open my work email and set up an out of office message that will automatically be sent after 5pm on weeknights and on weekends. I am going to remove my work email account from my phone, so I am not constantly getting notifications. Most importantly, if someone asks me to do something that is either not my responsibility or will need to be done outside of business hours I am going to say no. I will not give an explanation because that will invite further conversation.


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